Simeka is a private investment firm focused on making private equity investments in Africa.

Africa is where a fundamental growth story with planet-wide implications is unfolding and the region needs investment in critical sectors to support that.

Led by seasoned investment professionals, Simeka has made a number of investments in key South African growth sectors

The Company’s strategy is to establish investment platforms aligned to sectors directly affected by growth on the African continent

Simeka has entered into its next growth phase and is looking to establish key strategic and funding relationships

Simeka is committed to investing along themes and in sectors that will be directly affected by the growth of the South African and broader African economy.

These sectors include:

Mining & Energy | Simeka Capital

Mining & Energy

Infrastructure | Simeka Capital


Agriculture | Simeka Capital


Property | Simeka Capital


Healthcare | Simeka Capital



We care about giving back to our community


We provide bursaries for tertiary studies as well as for Youth Development


Simeka can donate to organisations which adhere to our criteria


Depending on what the sponsorship is for (and if our criteria are met), Simeka Capital can be of assistance

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Robery Kyosaki