Criteria for Donations
  •  Registered as a charity with the Provincial Social Development Office;
  •  Attestation of the organisation’s sustainability in the medium term;
  •  The organisation’s activities mainly rely on volunteers, and
  •  The request must be accompanied by supporting documents demonstrating the contribution of the organisation or project to improving quality of life in the community. This should include a detailed description of the project or the organisation and any other relevant documentation.
Criteria for Sponsorships:

The organisations, bursars, projects or events that Simeka partners with must be in line with the company’s culture and business objectives. Sponsorships should allow the company to participate and market itself where possible. Sponsorship requests must meet at least one of the following objectives:

  • Increase Simeka’s visibility among its customers and business partners, investors or graduates and job seekers
  •  Position the company as an employer and/or supplier of choice
  •  Promote the company’s products and services as well as the multiple career opportunities that are available at Simeka
  •  Be conducive towards the alleviation of poverty in the community and
  •  Contribute to the advancement of corporate values and culture.



Simeka is pleased to have been the key sponsor of BREAKING BORDERS WITH KATCHIE, the solo grand sojourn of Mukhatshelwa “Katchie” Nzama across the African continent. Katchie is a young writer who promotes intra-Africa travel and cultural exchange through her blog “Travels with Katchie”.



Through sponsorship, Simeka is honoured to journey with these esteemed athletes:

Jonathan Ntutu
Mpumelelo Mhlongo